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Faculty for Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences

Macromolecular Chemistry I:

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In the department of Macromolecular Chemistry I, novel monomers, polymers, and low-molecular materials are synthesized and characterized by modern methods of polymer analysis.

The main focus of the research and development work is on functional and structural materials with macroscopic organization, hierarchical external structure, and/or defined layer composition.

In order to achieve a particular set of properties, concepts from liquid crystal research, supramolecular chemistry, and combinatorial materials research are used in addition to the principles of macromolecular chemistry.

Further information and more details of selected research topics are listed here:

OLEDs New materials for
opto-electronic devices
Combi Combinatorial Methods
Optical & Charge Storage Materials for Optical Mass Storage PolyAdd Additives for Polymers
LCPs Liquid Crystalline Materials HPP High Performance Polymers
Solar Cells Gele PolyProcess Polymer Processing
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