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Macromolecular Chemistry I:

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Peter Strohriegl: Curriculum Vitae

October 1975 – February 1980 Studies of chemistry, Philipps University, Marburg/Lahn
February 1980 - February 1981 Diploma work with Prof. W. Heitz
March 1981 - February 1984 PhD thesis with Prof. W. Heitz, Marburg: "Alternative routes to aromatic polyamides"
February 1992 Habilitation for Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Bayreuth (Prof. O. Nuyken) and Venia Legendi
June 1999 - 2023 apl. Prof. for Polymer Science University of Bayreuth
July 1984 - April 1986 Research Associate at the University of Bayreuth
May 1986 Head of the Materials Laboratory, Bayreuth Institute for Macromolecular Research (BIMF)
November 1995 - March 1996 IBM Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon (Switzerland) Visiting scientist
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