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Hans-Werner Schmidt: Patente

Gabriel, C; Schmidt, H-W; Richter, F; Park, H; Xalter, R: Urea compounds for improving the solid state properties of polyamide resins, WO2013139800 A2
Gabriel, C; Schmidt, H-W; Richter, F; Park, H; Xalter, R: Polyamide compositions with improved optical properties, WO2013139802 A1
Altstädt, V; Stumpf, M; Schmidt, H-W; Kersch, M: Verfahren zur Herstellung eines offenzelligen Polymerschaums, DE102011083434 B4
Schmidt, HW; Bernet, A: Embedding medium for histology, WO2011012337 A1
Terrenoire, A; Balk, R; Wiese, H; Tuchbreiter, A; Timothy, F; Schmidt, H-W; Bernet, A: Binders for coatings, having high water vapor permeability, WO2010102993 A1
Kress, R; Schmidt, H-W; Dabbous, R; Stoll, K: Additives for polyolefin waxes with higher drop and softening point, WO2010069854 A2
Terrenoire, A; Leininger, H; Bullock, J; Qureshi, MS; Schmidt, H-W; Giesa, R; Lafuente Cerda, O: Polymer networks comprising active ingredients, process for their production, and their use, WO 2009016112
Jenninger, W; Wagner, J; Schmidt, H-W; Erhard, DP: Additives to improve the electret behavior of polycarbonates, EP2159222 A1 20100303
Stoll, K; Hoffmann, K; Rotzinger, B; Schmidt, H-W: Needle-like additives for improving the flow properties of thermoplastic polymer melts, WO2007039471
Gessner, T; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Bäte, M: Phenothiazines, phenothiazine-S-oxides and phenothiazine-S,S-dioxides as well as phenoxazines as emitters for organic light-emitting devices, WO2006056465
Egen, M; Kahle, K; Bold, M; Gessner, T; Lennartz, Ch; Nord, S; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Bäte, M; Neuber, C; Kowalsky, W; Schildknecht, Ch; Johannes, H-H: Use of transition metal carbene complexes in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), WO2006056418
Vogler, A; Pawlowski, V; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Bäte, M: Use of a copper(I) complex for organic luminescent diodes, WO2006032449
Koenemann, M; Gessner, T; Schmidt, H-W; Bäte, M; Thelakkat, M: Use of metallocene complexes of metals in the 4th sub-group of the periodic table as triplet emitters in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)., WO 2005098988
Gessner, T; Lennartz, Ch; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Bäte, M: Triazole derivatives and use thereof in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)., WO 2005093007
Nelles, G; Yasuda, A; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Schmitz, C: Hybrid solar cells with thermal deposited semiconductive oxide layer, US2006008580
Bold, M; Lennartz, Ch; Prinz, M; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Bäte, M; Neuber, C; Kowalsky, W; Schildknecht, Ch: Transition metal complexes comprising carbene ligands serving as emitters for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)., WO 2005019373
Bold, M; Erk, P; Haddow, M; Henning, I; Schmidt, H-W; Bäte, M; Thelakkat, M: Method for producing tris-ortho-metalated complexes and use of such complexes in OLEDs., WO2004099223
Schmidt, H-W; Blomenhofer, M; Stoll, K; Meier, H: Resin compositions with reduced haze containing amide compounds as nucleating agents., WO 2004072168
Maeder, D; Hoffmann, K; Schmidt, H-W: _-Nucleating agents for crystalline polypropylenes containing _-form crystals., WO 2003102069
Schmidt, H-W; Smith, P; Blomenhofer, M: Polypropylene resin compositions, trimesic acid derivatives and their preparation, WO 2002046300
Nelles, G; Yasuda, A; Gaering, St; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Haridas, KR: Doping of a hole transporting materials for semiconductor devices., EP 1289030
Prechtl, F; Haremza, S; Meyer, F; Parker, R; Kuerschner , K; Schuhmacher, P; Schmitt, G; Giesa, R; Schmidt, H-W: Liquid-crystalline compositions, EP 1160304
Berneth, H; Bieringer, T; Hagen, R; Kostromine, S; Schmidt, H-W; Müller, A; Zilker, St; Frenz, C; Breiner, T: Block copolymers having groups that absorb electromagnetic radiation for optical data storage., WO 2001092360
Nelles, G; Yasuda, A; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Schmitz, C: Hybrid solar cells with thermally deposited semiconductive oxide layer., EP 1209708
Nelles, G; Yasuda, A; Thelakkat, M; Haridas, KR; Lupo, D; Schmidt, H-W: Hole transporting agents and photoelectric conversion device comprising the same., EP 1160888 -- Details
Giesa, R; Schmitt, G; Schmidt, H-W; Kürschner, K; Parker, R; Prechtl, F; Haremza, S; Meyer, F: Flüssigkristalline Stoffgemenge/Liquid-crystalline composition of matter, DE10025782/US6,712,992B2
Prechtl, F; Parker, R; Schuhmacher, P; Schneider, N; Haremza, S; Schmitt, G; Schmidt, H-W: Polymerizable liquid crystals, DE 10016524
Schmidt, H-W; Etzbach, K-H; Paulus, W; Meyer, F: Electroluminescent arrangement, US 5,922,481; EP 0803171
Wehrmann, R; Schmidt, H-W; Fink, R; Thelakkat, M: Triazine polymers and their use in electroluminescent arrangements., WO1998011150 A1
Mendolia, MS; Vincenti, P; Barr, ML; Esposito, A; Blum, Y; Schmidt, H-W; Huiyong, P; Riess, G; Wu, H-J: Cosmetic compositions with thickening agents having hydrogen-bonding groups, WO 9736572
Hueppauff, M; Jonda, C; Thelakkat, M; Wehrmann, R; Schmidt, H-W: Amino compounds and electroluminescent devices with hole-conducting layers using the compounds, DE 97-19704031
Giesa, R; Schmidt, H-W; Schuhmacher, P; Faust, T; Ostertag, W; Siemensmeyer, K: Process for producing pigment particles, WO001997027251A1
Würthner, F; Schmidt, H-W; Haubner, F: Crosslinkable triarylamines bearing ethynyl groups for use as charge transfer materials., DE 19643097
Hueppauff, M; Fink, R; Jonda, C; Schmidt, H-W; Thelakkat, M; Wehrmann, R: Organic electroluminescent devices having electron-conductive layers, WO 9804007
Etzbach, K-H; Meyer, F; Paulus, W; Schmidt, H-W: Organic electroluminescent devices, EP 803171
Heeger, AJ; Zhang, C; Schmidt, H-W; von Seggern, H: Electroluminescent diodes utilizing blends of polymers, WO9501871
Beck, KH; Etzbach, K-H; Schmidt, H-W: Polymerizable perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimides, their use as monomers, and the resulting polymeric pigments, EP 422535
Burch, RR; Schmidt, H-W: Preparation of fibers, films and coatings from isotropic and anisotropic polyamide anion solutions, EP 309229
Heitz, W; Schmidt, H-W: Aromatic polyester from substituted hydroquinone and biphenyl dicarboxylic adic, US4866154
Heitz, W; Schmidt, H-W; Hohlweg, M: Preparation of aromatic polyesters for use in molecularly reinforced polymers, EP 303891
Heitz, W; Kampschulte, U; Bruegging, W; Schmidt, HW: Preparation of difunctional stilbenes as liquid crystal polyester monomers, DE 3719578
Etzbach, K-H; Ringsdorf, H; Portugall, M; Schmidt, H-W: Polymers with mesogenic groups and dye residues in side chains, EP 90282
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